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We have an organized tax and regulatory practice and assist corporates, individuals, HUFs, Trusts and other corporate/legal entities structure their taxes efficiently and manage their tax compliances. Our Tax and Regulatory practice covers the following:





The Indian Tax Environment is dynamic like never before. Meeting the requirements under changing tax practices and regulations has been a constant challenge for various Income Tax payers.

We offer our service to various types of entities which include Corporates, Individuals, HUFs, Trusts, etc. Our services are broadly classified under Planning Services, Compliance Services, and Representations Services.

Planning: We advise assesses on various Direct Tax matters in order to assist them in planning a efficient tax structure in compliance with the laws and regulations of India. We take great care in understanding the requirements under the Income Tax Act, 1961, applicable Rules and other regulations that impact businesses and assessees in order to ensure that our tax plan is compliant and growth oriented.

  • Our planning services include entry strategies in India,
  • Choice of the appropriate form of entity to set up business,
  • Assistance in entity set up and obtaining various tax registrations,
  • Analyzing and understanding issues and conceptualizing tax positions,
  • Help resolve tax uncertainties,
  • Understand available incentives under tax laws and assist in determining their use to bring in tax efficiency
  • Understanding the impact under Income Computation and Disclosure Standards (ICDS).

Compliance: Business environment is constantly changing and evolving. Regulatory complications bring out requirements of new compliances and challenges and at times, businesses cannot keep pace with the dynamic nature of evolution of regulations and the technological advancement which is used to uphold and enforce regulations. With the need to be a compliant country and receive necessary information to efficiently regulate, the nature of Income Tax Returns including various other statutory filings has become more detailed.
We assist our clients in the following:

  • Advising on Withholding Tax (TDS) matters on payments and accruals;
  • Assistance in filing various TDS returns and Income Tax Returns for a variety of assesses;

Representation: Differences in interpretations under Tax Laws lead to differences of opinion on tax position taken by an assesse and position adopted by the Income Tax Department. Effective representation based on facts, legal precedence and thorough understanding of transactions is necessary. We provide specialized assistance when it comes to representing our clients to the Tax officers and Tax department.
Our services include:

  • Representations before the income tax and TDS authorities;
  • Assistance in obtaining advance rulings;
  • Assistance in engaging and obtaining necessary tax opinions from senior counsels;
  • Litigation support including representation up to First and Second Appellate level of the Income Tax Department.

International Tax & Transfer Pricing

On account of globalization and significant increase in Inbound and Outbound investment and trade, an entity engaged in cross border transactions may get exposed to more than one tax jurisdiction. Cross border transactions bring with them increased tax complexities and tax authorities of respective jurisdictions are primarily interested in ensuring that risks of tax revenue leakages in the cross border transactions are effectively addressed in the domestic tax law. That brings a framework of rules relating to cross border transactions in the income tax law to ensure that pricing of these transactions is fair and proper. The need to be compliant with these special provisions under Tax Laws and various other regulations thus emerges.
For our clients we offer services in the form of

  • Transfer Pricing Studies;
  • Seeking Advance Pricing Arrangements (APAs)
  • Holding Company Analysis;
  • Constitution of Permanent Establishments;
  • Advisory for Place Of Effective Mananegemt (POEM) and Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS);
  • Withholding tax certificates for payments to Non Residents;
  • Analyzing the impact of Tax Treaties with various countries to structure transactions;
  • Appearing before Transfer Pricing officers to represent our clients.

Goods and Services Tax

The emergence of the Goods and Services tax regime in India has required businesses to recalibrate their approach to indirect taxes. Indirect Taxes permeate through several transactions of an entity and hence should be clearly mapped and understood in order to be compliant.
Our services include:

  • Analyzing registration requirements of the company considering the size and scale of business operations
  • Assistance in obtaining GST Registration
  • Advising on applicability of taxes on various transactions undertaken or proposed to be undertaken as well as claiming legally permissible tax credits in respect of input goods and services used in providing the output.
  • Assistance in filing returns and claiming refunds
  • Assistance with representation to tax officers.

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